Inglés II

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Inglés nivel intermedio 
  • 1 Revision of all verbal tenses, use of prepositions and question tags
  • 2 Present Perfect, Prefixes and adjective order
  • 3 Modal verbs of obligation, must or have to and other model forms
  • 4 First conditional and future forms
  • 5 Past Perfect Simple versus Past Perfect Continuous and uses of get
  • 6 Second Conditional, in case, as long as, unless, provided and providing
  • 7 Modal verbs of Probability and Make versus do
  • 8 Reported Speech, Reported questions, indirect questions and phrasal verbs with up
  • 9 Revision of tenses phrasal verbs with out

Inglés nivel avanzado

  • 1 Revision of level 3 grammar
  • 2 The passive, adjectives with numbers, plural expressions with singular verbs
  • 3 Defining and Non
    -defining Relative Clauses and all and whole
  • 4 Verbs followed by gerunds or infinitives, like, as and own
  • 5 Phrasal verbs
  • 6 Future perfect, future continuous, future forms
  • 7 Third conditional, introducing and expressing Conditionals, mixed conditionals and a different use of would
  • 8 Have or get something done, order of adjectives, Past tense and embedded questions
  • 9 Relative clauses, wish and some other uses of rather


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